What opportunities might I expect to get from a full service agency?

A full service model and talent agency books models and talent for a variety of jobs such as print, runway, on- camera, TV, commercial, industrial film, and promotional work.

Am I guaranteed work?

No. In this industry the client has the right to select the model or talent that best suits the job. Agents can suggest whom they feel might be the best selection for a specific job; however, the client makes the final selection.

What will I need to be marketed?

The Agency will decide which division you will be placed in and then help you develop your marketing tools. For most modeling work you will need photos in a portfolio that show a variety of looks and a composite card. For acting and on camera TV work, you will need an 8 x 10 commercial headshot and resume. In both cases an on-line presence can be very beneficial and clients increasingly rely on finding models and talent using on-line portfolios (your Agency can show you how to obtain this)

Is there work on the weekends?

There is limited work on the weekends. Promotional work, fashion shows and hair shows are often booked on weekends. Print and on camera TV work takes place Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

Am I allowed to be with other agencies?

You will be given a choice of signing an exclusive or non- exclusive agreement. Most models and talent opt for a non-exclusive contract, and it depends on your market and the division you are listed under. Most fashion divisions are somewhat exclusive in each market. If you are a commercial or promotions model or an actor/actress, you are allowed to be with more then one agency as long as it is a non- exclusive contract with each.

Is it okay to bring people with me to auditions?

If you are under 18, it is fine, and many times required that you bring ONE parent or guardian with you. It is never considered professional to bring siblings or friends along.

How much notice do I get for bookings/auditions?

This is a very fast paced business. Sometimes only 24 hrs. notice is given however, most auditions give you 48 hrs.

How do I take my child out of school, do I need a letter from the agency?

Most states require the parent to get a child labor form filled out before completing a booking. You may need to contact your school and have them fill it out and get it notarized, however you should contact the school administration for their specific requirements. Most schools are fine with a few absences if your child's grades are fine. Agencies don't typically contact your child’s school.

Is it important for me to pay to have an on-line portfolio?

Clients used to rely solely on composite cards and model’s portfolios; however this is being increasingly replaced by on-line portfolios. This web presence allows clients to preview the models and talent they wish to hire and see up to date photos and biographical information. In many cases the cost of an on-line portfolio is about the same as printing composite cards. And the advantage is that when the models or talents looks change, no expensive re-printing is needed. You may get more opportunities having online exposure. The Agency personnel can show you how to do this.

What is the difference between and an agent and a manager?

An agency represents many talent and although they promote you, you are one of many clients. Managers work with few talent and its more of a personal relationship. Managers push you to many different agencies for projects giving you a variety of opportunities. Managers take about 15% and agencies take 20%. You can have an agency without having a manager, but you would rarely have a manager without having an agency.

What is the difference between a model and talent agency and a casting agency?

Model and talent agency's work WITH casting directors. Casting directors and agency's are not in competition with each other. Casting agency's reach out to talent agency's for submissions for projects.

I want to cut my hair do I need to get new shots?

You must always arrive looking just like your images. Anytime you change your look (lose weight, color your hair, etc.) you must update your images. Again, that is one of the beauties of using on-line portfolios. They allow nearly instant updates.

My hair is curly but I often straighten it, should my pictures have it both ways?

You should give clients the option of both. It will only enhance your booking potential.